Die Drehleier

by Marianne Bröcker

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Illustrations, page 15

141. Jacques Callot, hurdy-gurdy player (17th cent.)


142. Figure on the portal of Saint-Nicolas-du-Port in Toul (around 1510), drawing


143. W. Hollar, hurdy-gurdy player at the peasant dance (after D. Teniers) (17th cent.)


144. Reconstruction of an old German hurdy-gurdy


145. Probable Bohemian hurdy-gurdy (18th cent.) with figure-shaped bridges


146. German hurdy-gurdy (18th cent.)


The figure-shaped bridges on either side of the wheel


147. German hurdy-gurdy (17th/18th cent.)


148. Itinerant musician with hurdy-gurdy. Dutch copperplate engraving from the 17th century


149. J.G. Prestel (1739-1808), hurdy-gurdy player


150. Hieronymous Bosch (around 1450-1516), cripples and beggars

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