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Our deepest thanks to Maxou Heintzen for this fabulous photograph, taken at Saint-Cloud near Paris in 1957 by an unknown photographer. There's more information about this photo at the list archive page.

General Information

Thanks for your interest in the hurdy-gurdy mailing list.

The general subject of the list is hurdy-gurdies: their music, players, maintenance, recordings, events, construction, and anything else that seems pertinant. We welcome discussion of all aspects of the instrument.

It's customary to introduce yourself to the people on the list when you join, giving a short history of who you are and your interest in the hurdy-gurdy.

Posts to this list are archived automatically, and are searchable in the usual Google Groups manner. Before this list was moved to Google Groups, it was hosted by a Majordomo server. Archived posts from that list are located in two places: (March 2006-October 2008) and here on the Archive Page (1999-2003). On the archive page, posts to the list between its inception and 2006 will be available sometime in a monthly digest, but at the moment there's a gap between 2003 and 2006. Anyone who would like to volunteer to edit the posts is welcome to apply for the job.

The list is set up so that replying to a message posted automatically posts the reply to the list also. While this is generally convenient for most users and most situations, it has the potential to be embarrassing if you intended your reply to only reach the sender and not the list. For this reason, if you are sending a private reply, please be VERY careful to change the address.

Posts from the list have the prefix [HG] in the subject line, so you can identify that they are from the list.


List Customs, Policies, and Rules

This is an unmoderated list: no one edits or clears the posts before they go out. However, if someone misbehaves, they may be banned from posting, or have their posts approved before posting. Personal attacks, profanity, and other abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. Posting to the list is a privilege, not a right. If you are upset with something that someone has said, by all means write a reply, but wait a few hours before sending it, read it again, and decide if you really want to say exactly what you wrote or if you'd rather tone it down a little.

Please do not send graphics files or pictures attached to email to the list: some people who are subscribed can't open them, and for people who have slower internet connections they take a great deal of time to download. As detailed below in the No Attachments policy, there are also safety reasons to avoid using attachments. There is a place on the Google Groups list page to post photos and other files for public viewing.

Computer viruses are, unfortunately, a part of the Internet landscape. Please do your best to keep your own computer virus free. I recognize that sometimes a virus will infect a computer and subsequently to send itself to this list without your consent. For this reason, this email list has a No Attachments Policy. Please do not send attachments of any kind to the list.

If you receive email with an attachment which shows the list server ( as the sender, you should delete it without reading it, and certainly without opening the attachment. If you suspect a virus, or your virus-detection software shows that one is present, please email me, the listmaster, privately.

Virus Warnings are often hoaxes. While well-intentioned, they are not germane to the subject of the list. Please do not post virus warnings to the list. I can't emphasize enough how intrusive such posts are in the conversational flow of the list, and how truly annoyed I will be with you if you ignore or forget this policy. If you have a warning which you believe is important for everyone to see, please email it to the listmaster.

If an email address which is subscribed to the list becomes inoperable for some reason, the Listmaster may remove the address from the list. If you find yourself unsubscribed to the list, it's probably because your server was down for long enough that I removed your address. It's nothing personal if this happens, just an attempt to maintain some measure of sanity in our inbox. Obviously I'd like to inform the addressee, but the address is down, so I can't. All you need to do is resubscribe, as described below.


Advertising Policy

Tour and concert announcements are encouraged.

Because our community is so small, and the production of books and CD's is such an undertaking, it's understandable that one should want to alert friends and fellow players to the completion of a project and the availability of new resources.

When this blessed event happens, and you would like to share it with the list, please keep the announcement short and sweet, such as:


We are pleased to announce the release of our new book/CD/DVD/video The
Hurdy-Gurdy in Middle Earth
. For more information, please visit or email us at


How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe

To Subscribe go to and click on the link for "join this group"

Click on the link at the right side that says "Join this group".

If you don't already have a Google Groups account, it will take you to where you create one. This is very easy: enter your email address and a password, and whatever nickname you want to be known by. If you already have a Google Groups account, you can sign in. If you have a Google Groups account and don't remember the password, there's a link to ask it to send you the password.

You'll now get a confirming email in your usual email account which contains a llink to confirm that you want to create the Google Groups account. Click on
this link. For some people, this confirming email may go in the "Spam" folder or the "Trash" folder, so look for it there if you don't get the email pretty
soon after creating your Google Groups account.

You will now be back in the HG list group on Google Groups, where you can specify how you want to receive the postings from the group. You are now signed up with Google Groups, and you are subscribed to the list.

If you have difficulty with signing up for the group, please send email to the listmaster.

To Post to the list, send email to hurdygurdy (at), or you can post a new thread or a reply on the Google Groups webpage. You must be subscribed to the list to post on it. You should use an appropriate subject line, and may include a signature file.

To unsubscribe send email to Please do not send unsubscribe messages to the list.

Other options: visit the group page at

Beati illi qui in circulum circumeunt, fient enim magnae rotae. Please contact us if you have comments or questions about this page or other pages on this site.

Alden and Cali Hackmann
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