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Amplification options

Our custom amplification system gives a full, natural sound while providing excellent control for the player. We use three acoustic pickups and an onboard pre-amplifier and mixer system, with the option for a microphone. This unit allows independent control of the volume, tone, and phase of each pickup. The output is mixed together to both balanced and unbalanced outputs with a master volume control and mute switch. In addition, there are effects loops for each pickup which can also be used as separate unbalanced outputs. The system is powered by standard 9V batteries which are easily replaced. The system is compatible with wireless systems such as Nady.

Volksgurdy with 3-channel onboard amplifier (right) and Sabine tuner

This feature can only be added to new instruments as they are being built. Because of the additional weight of the instrument, strap locks are recommended and are included at no extra charge unless standard strap buttons are requested. .

Volksgurdy with onboard amplifier

Other options for amplification include pickups and a microphone with a custom outboard (external) preamp, similar to the unit shown below.

Minstrel with external microphone and Microvox preamp
- call for price and availability

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