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Inlay options

When we design an instrument, we start with the basics: melding the form and the function of the parts into a harmonious whole, combined with the natural beauty of the woods we use. Inlay and other decorations should enhance these elements. We always aim for a union of the wood textures and textures with the inlay design.

Please contact us if you have an idea for a custom design that you would like to have on your instrument.We're fascinated by Celtic knotwork, so there's quite a bit of it represented here in various forms, but we're happy to consider all kinds of design. For some of our other inlay work, see our peghead options page.


Volksgurdy with quatrefoil rose, mother-of-pearl and intricate Celtic knotwork


Volkgurdy with Celtic knots in wood and copper


Volksgurdy with Celtic knot pattern and zoomorphic


Volksgurdy trim pieces with Celtic knotwork and stylized women -
the inlay materials are metals and semiprecious stones


Volksgurdy with Tibetan cloud theme inlay


Inlaid endcap design of maple, mahogany and zebrawood in a walnut ground


Volksgurdy with Celtic knot inlays and shell lines around the keybox top


Justin found this cool design, and we did the laser work. The ground material is wenge, shown unfinished here.


One of our earliest Volksgurdy inlays


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