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Keyfront options

On our instruments with locking metal tangents we offer cast keyfronts in one of two configurations, depending on the instrument design. The material of these keyfronts is an high-tech epoxy resin with a special mix of additives for stability, color, and the correct density.

On the Minstrel the standard option are cast keyfronts in a configuration similar to the straight keys of a traditional instrument.

Minstrel with straight cast keyfronts


Volksgurdy with wood tangents and traditional straight-fronted keyfronts


The Volksgurdy, Orca, and Luteback come standard with a set of curved cast keyfronts. The design is based on the work of French luthier Jean-Luc Bleton, who used curved wood keyfronts on his instruments. The Volksgurdy and Luteback can be made with a set of straight keyfronts if desired.

Orca with cast curved keyfronts

Volksgurdy with wood curved keyfronts


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