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Peghead options

Our standard Volksgurdy peghead inlay is a quatrefoil rose. The Volksgurdy typically has a flat inlay, but we have also done carvings. Most of the custom inlays shown were suggested by our customers, or are interpretations of designs they supplied.


Quatrefoil rose inlay in wenge and mahogany



A Celtic knotwork zoomorphic


Volksgurdy with inlaid semiprecious stones


An ancient Celtic knot of three horses


An inlay of medieval musical notation around a holly rose


A round Celtic knot


Luteback with carved peghead


A Volksgurdy with an antique monogram and 3rd chanter


More Celtic knotwork, carved and inlaid with copper


Tibetan cloud inlay


Carved scroll peghead, similar to a violin


A very simple knot pattern, based on our earliest peghead decoration

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