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Sympathetic strings options

Sympathetic strings are a set of wire strings which are not directly energized by the wheel. Instead they pick up the vibration of the instrument and start to vibrate in sympathy with it, hence the name. They were introduced in the Baroque era to provide a small "ringing" sound when the wheel is stopped suddenly. They also add a little "body" to the sound of the instrument while playing.

A set of four sympathetic strings is the typical configuration on a luteback. Six strings is the deluxe set. A standard Volksgurdy doesn't have sympathetic strings, but either the standard or deluxe set can be included.

While these strings can be added at a later time, the instrument needs to be returned to our shop to perform this addition, and we recommend including them with the original order if they are desired.

Volksgurdy with 4 sympathetic strings, running from the block with tuning pins at the head end over a small bridge and then over the tail end.


Luteback with 4 sympathetic strings - the bridge is the black strip of wood,
and the little strip of leather is for damping the non-sounding portions of the strings

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