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Third chanter option

The Volksgurdy's standard configuration is that of the typical French instrument, with 2 chanters (melody strings) and 4 drone strings. The third chanter string gives the player the option of enhancing the sound of the standard tuning, or of playing in two different tunings. For example, in G/C tuning, the third chanter could be tuned to a low g to give the octave sound without losing the "punch" of the unison chanters. Another option might be to tune the three strings to d", g', and d', for playing in D/G with two chanters or in G/C with one. Avant-garde players use chanters tuned in 4ths or 5ths for some extraordinary effects.

Volksgurdy with three chanters

We strongly suggest to our first-time buyers that they do not purchase an instrument with a third chanter.

With that said, a fourth chanter string is also available - please contact us for details.

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