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Electronic tuner options

Many players use an electronic tuner to tune the chanter strings. We can install an electronic tuner permanently in the instrument, with the display at the bottom edge of the keybox. We offer several models. They all use standard 9V batteries, and use very little power that the battery rarely needs replacement.

The Wittman tuner has a small display and a single button switch mounted at the bottom edge of the keybox. The display is unobtrusive, invisible from the audience. All the features of the tuner are available.

Wittman MiniTuner installed on a Minstrel

We use a Sabine STX-1100 tuner, modified to provide access to the switches and battery. The STX-1100 display is a set of LED's and two buttons mounted in the keybox side. The display and buttons are very discrete, invisible from the audience. The battery box is hidden on the underside of the instrument or (on some models) under the peghead. All the features of the tuner are available, including calibration to a non-standard pitch reference.

Sabine STX-1100 tuner installed on an electroacoustic Volksgurdy

We have also been experimenting with a Korg CA-30 chromatic tuner with a liquid crystal display. This model is more expensive because while the tuner itself is quite affordable, the work required to convert it to a format usable in the hurdy-gurdy is quite substantial. If you are interested in this tuner, please contact us for pricing.

A built-in tuner cannot be installed on a completed instrument, so it must be ordered at the time when the instrument is being built.

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