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Luteback Hurdy-gurdy

Our premier French style

The luteback is the classic French style hurdy-gurdy. It is based on the 19th century designs of Pimpard and the Pajots, the master luthiers of Jenzat. The decoration is the traditional carved peghead and inlaid edging. This is the style often used for dances and other outdoor events, as it is usually a louder instrument.

Standard Features:

  Chromatic keybox - 24 keys arranged in two rows similar to a piano keyboard
  Six strings - two chanters (melody strings) and four drones
  Carved peghead - Detailed with the classic human head
  Trompette - with the chien (or dog) used for rhythmic accompaniment
  Curved soundboard - with decorative inlaid edging
  Geared tuning machines
  Sympathetic strings


  DVD: The Care and Feeding of your Volksgurdy
  Accessories - Rosin, cotton, strap and tools

Options include:

  Electronic tuner - Easy-to-read LED display built into the keybox
  Amplification system - Pickups and microphone with custom built-in mixer
  Wood grips - for the tuning machines
  Friction pegs - the traditional style, for re-enactors
 Custom inlay and carving
 Custom select materials
  Soft Case - Made of Cordura, specially fitted to the instrument

For details on these features and additional options, see the Luteback Options

For the base price on this model and prices on the options, see the pricelist.



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