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We Are No Longer Building

We regret that we are no longer taking orders for any models. Our friends and competitors at Hurdy Gurdy Crafters are also no longer taking orders. We recommend finding a hurdy-gurdy in Europe, especially our dear friends Chris Allen and Sabine Kormylo. There is one "maker" in the US, but we cannot recommend them.

Past Models

The models shown are the instruments we have made in the past, and may again in the future.

This is our most popular full size model, with the features of a French style hurdy-gurdy. It has an economical yet ergonomic body design.

Chinook model - $2800
This production model is a perfect introductory instrument with five strings. It's a cross between the modern look and materials of the Orca and the body style of the Volksgurdy. It is popular for beginning players for its comfort and playability.

Luteback model hurdy-gurdy
This is a traditional large French style hurdy-gurdy, typical of the classic design of the 19th century Jenzat masters.

Baroque guitar style hurdy-gurdy
This classic model is based on the works of the Baroque masters of Paris, Versailles and Mirecourt.

Renaissance style hurdy-gurdy
This design was popular in the 16th and 17th century, and was the style played by the musicians who introduced the hurdy-gurdy to the court of France.

Minstrel model hurdy-gurdy
This is the perfect choice for a travel instrument. It is compact, easy to maintain, and very stable. It has a very large sound for such a small instrument. The key spacing is the same as for our larger models, so you can move easily to a larger instrument at a later time.

Bosch model hurdy-gurdy
A historical model based on the design shown in Hieronymous Bosch's painting, drawn by hurdy-gurdy master Marcello Bono.

Orca model hurdy-gurdy
A great choice for an introductory instrument, this was our earlier production model. It has a modern design with modern materials for stability and adjustability.

Flights of Fancy
Some of the ideas we've had for the instruments that we haven't had an opportunity to try yet. See if one of them is the hurdy-gurdy you just can't live without.



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