Repair and Restoration Services

We provide professional repair services for all the instruments we sell, and museum quality restoration for antique instruments. We are the only dedicated hurdy-gurdy restoration facility in North America.

An antique Pajot luteback being restored

If you have a hurdy-gurdy which needs repair or restoration, please contact us for information on how to get the instrument to our shop for a full evaluation. We will provide an analysis of the work needed on each aspect of the instrument to bring it to full playability and original condition. With your approval of each line item on this estimate, we will begin work on your instrument. Very occasionally we will encounter unseen damage or other problems which substantially change our estimate. In this situation we will contact you for your permission to continue.

The peghead of the Pajot having the friction pegs refitted

We regret that we only work hurdy-gurdies that we make or sell, and those that were built by builders who are no longer available to perform repairs on the instruments they built.

It's an honor to work on antique hurdy-gurdies, to hold in our hands and bring back to life the wood and metal that were shaped by a builder so long ago. It is always our intent to serve both the instrument (by making it playable again) as well as the legacy we have been left by these luthiers, (by making the repairs and replacement parts as authentic and appropriate to the instrument as possible).

Replacing a broken rib on a luteback

Upgrade work

On modern instruments we can add desired features (such as a drapeau) or change the peghead from friction pegs to machine tuners, as shown here.

Volksgurdy by Michael Hubbert with friction pegs

Volksgurdy refitted with machine tuners

Used Instruments

We occasionally obtain used hurdy-gurdies which we sell on consignment. A listing and photos of the instruments we presently have are on the Used Instruments page. If you are looking for a hurdy-gurdy, but don't want to pay a lot of money, here are some things to consider:

Used hurdy-gurdies are fairly rare. When we do have them available, they are usually quite expensive, meaning at least $2000 and more likely $4000. A playable hurdy-gurdy for under a thousand dollars is more rare than the unicorn.

We guarantee the instruments to be in good condition and we set them up before sending them out on approval.

If you are looking for a less expensive instrument to learn on, a used hurdy-gurdy is rarely your best option. Unlike the guitar and violin families, there is a fairly small pool of hurdy-gurdies to draw on, and an even smaller pool of good quality instruments. Some of the issues surrounding obtaining a hurdy-gurdy are discussed in the FAQ, under ""Where can I find one...". Be sure to read the paragraph on the dangers of buying a less expensive instrument.

If you have an instrument to sell, please contact us for details. Our focus on the hurdy-gurdy and our contacts in the hurdy-gurdy community put us in a unique position to sell your instrument, and we offer a low consignment fee. Because we support and service all the hurdy-gurdies we sell, we may choose not to sell your instrument if it does not meet our standards for resale.

Antique French instrument awaiting restoration

Custom laser services

One of the tools we have available to us is a computer-controlled laser cutter, which we use for engraving and piercework. Please inquire if you would like to ask about commissioning a piece or project. Some examples are shown here, with more on the inlay options page.

Custom lasered top on a symphonie model (when we made them).

Custom lasered medallion inlaid in a wheel cover

Volksgurdy inlaid with silver in a cavity cut with the laser


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